I just realized I never photographed my rejects, except for that cone 6 one; perhaps I thought they would always be there with me so I would be able to shoot them any time. I guess this means I’ll need to … Continued

Scoring, revisited

So it is not okay to score with the back of an X-Acto after all. The paper is thicker, but it is still way too easy to weaken the fold too much by using an X-Acto. Like what I had … Continued

Package design

Not having had any experience in packaging design, I’m not surprised I just found a mistake in my drawing. The problem is just that I no longer have the time to correct my drawing, redo the printing, and remake the … Continued

Two more ruined books

More things to remind myself: It is okay to score the heavier paper with the back of an X-Acto. But scoring is not a substitute for folding. If I wrote “fold”, fold. The perforation needs to be done last. … Continued

A 3-millimetre-thick business card

The first card has been assembled. It’s just going to be a trial run, but it took me almost half an hour and it’s much more difficult to assemble than expected. This is especially the case since I have to … Continued

Why we need better studio access

It is now just three days before the event, and I have yet to deliver my bowls to the venue. While I still have to assemble my questionnaire booklets, I have to mention that there is no way I can … Continued