[My setup for the 18 replica thesis bowls I showed at GradEx, on five shelves with bowls on the middle shelf in a merchandise-display-like arrangement]

GradEx is now over. I regretted not being able to design my display properly before setting it up. But I also missed opportunities for making observations. Initially I thought I just missed an opportunity to observe visitors’ eye levels, but it looks like I have missed more.

Another thing I could have observed was the number of people staying to see the display versus the number of people skipping the display. This is probably easier said than done, since this is probably difficult to observe when traffic is heavy. In any case, someone else who was showing work commented that my display drew attention. I actually disagree: My feeling (since I didn’t do a proper observation) is that roughly half the people skipped over my display or the room entirely; my display only drew the attention of maybe half the people.

Not many people seem to have scanned the QR code. Some might see this as proof that QR codes are useless, but the room had especially bad cell reception. Maybe I should revisit doing this QR code thing later when something is shown somewhere else with better reception.