In its current form, my thesis or rather my “MRP” (major research project) as it is technically known in my program explores the feasibility of putting braille on common objects, specifically artisanal ceramic objects. It is somewhat related to the thesis of Bruno Brites at the University of Dundee but a lot of ideas in my project can also be traced to my group project in first year.

One of the things we decided to do in first-year was that any work we do would have to be in response to a “real call” and in the case of this current project the connection would be to Gardiner Museum’s incarnation of Empty Bowls, a call to donate ceramic bowls to help raise funds for hunger. For me this was pivotal, as a lot of things suddenly became a lot less uncertain, and this reduction in uncertainty allowed me to actually start doing something.

This project is dedicated to the thirty-two pigeons that received the Dickin Medal for their valiant service in World War II, because, if you asked me, this just looks too much like something we could have done in first year.